Filipino Americans - Discovering Their Past for the Future

Our work on Filipino Americans: Discovering Their Past for Their Future was recognized at the annual CINE awards in Washington D.C. with a 1st place Golden Eagle Award, as well as a Bronze Award for excellence from the Houston Worldfest International Film festival.

"What does the average American know about Filipinos who've been in this country for more than 400 years... who have helped in the development and advancement of this nation? This is a story that has never been told. It's rich United States history." - Fred Cordova, Author/Historian "Filipino Americans: Discovering Their Past for the Future" is the first in-depth documentary produced about the oldest and one of the largest Asian American ethnics in the United States. From the California coast in 1587 and Louisiana bayous in 1763, unsung Filipino American men and women in universities and colleges, Hawaiian plantations, California migrant farms, Alaskan fish canneries, labor organizations, U.S. Navy and Army, and family, social, cultural affairs significantly have contributed to the American way of life. This is their story "It's entertaining, it's educational and the appeals to kids from 3 to 93!".

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